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MySQL 5.6 リファレンスマニュアル
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エラーコード エラー名 エラーテキスト
0x00 TE_NO_ERROR No error
0x01 TE_ERROR_CLOSING_SOCKET Error found during closing of socket
0x02 TE_ERROR_IN_SELECT_BEFORE_ACCEPT Error found before accept.The transporter will retry
0x03 TE_INVALID_MESSAGE_LENGTH Error found in message (invalid message length)
0x04 TE_INVALID_CHECKSUM Error found in message (checksum)
0x05 TE_COULD_NOT_CREATE_SOCKET Error found while creating socket(can't create socket)
0x06 TE_COULD_NOT_BIND_SOCKET Error found while binding server socket
0x07 TE_LISTEN_FAILED Error found while listening to server socket
0x08 TE_ACCEPT_RETURN_ERROR Error found during accept(accept return error)
0x0b TE_SHM_DISCONNECT The remote node has disconnected
0x0c TE_SHM_IPC_STAT Unable to check shm segment
0x0d TE_SHM_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_SEGMENT Unable to create shm segment
0x0e TE_SHM_UNABLE_TO_ATTACH_SEGMENT Unable to attach shm segment
0x0f TE_SHM_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_SEGMENT Unable to remove shm segment
0x10 TE_TOO_SMALL_SIGID Sig ID too small
0x11 TE_TOO_LARGE_SIGID Sig ID too large
0x12 TE_WAIT_STACK_FULL Wait stack was full
0x13 TE_RECEIVE_BUFFER_FULL Receive buffer was full
0x14 TE_SIGNAL_LOST_SEND_BUFFER_FULL Send buffer was full,and trying to force send fails
0x15 TE_SIGNAL_LOST Send failed for unknown reason(signal lost)
0x16 TE_SEND_BUFFER_FULL The send buffer was full, but sleeping for a while solved
0x0017 TE_SCI_LINK_ERROR There is no link from this node to the switch
0x18 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_START_SEQUENCE Could not start a sequence, because system resources are exumed or no sequence has been created
0x19 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_SEQUENCE Could not remove a sequence
0x1a TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_CREATE_SEQUENCE Could not create a sequence, because system resources are exempted.Must reboot
0x1b TE_SCI_UNRECOVERABLE_DATA_TFX_ERROR Tried to send data on redundant link but failed
0x1c TE_SCI_CANNOT_INIT_LOCALSEGMENT Cannot initialize local segment
0x1d TE_SCI_CANNOT_MAP_REMOTESEGMENT Cannot map remote segment
0x1e TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_UNMAP_SEGMENT Cannot free the resources used by this segment (step 1)
0x1f TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_REMOVE_SEGMENT Cannot free the resources used by this segment (step 2)
0x20 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_DISCONNECT_SEGMENT Cannot disconnect from a remote segment
0x21 TE_SHM_IPC_PERMANENT Shm ipc Permanent error
0x22 TE_SCI_UNABLE_TO_CLOSE_CHANNEL Unable to close the sci channel and the resources allocated