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Excerpts from this Manual The ndbinfo dict_obj_info Table

The dict_obj_info table provides information about NDB data dictionary (DICT) objects such as tables and indexes. (The dict_obj_types table can be queried for a list of all the types.) This information includes the object's type, state, parent object (if any), and fully qualified name.

The dict_obj_info table contains the following columns:

  • type

    Type of DICT object; join on dict_obj_types to obtain the name

  • id

    Object identifier; for Disk Data undo log files and data files, this is the same as the value shown in the LOGFILE_GROUP_NUMBER column of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.FILES table; for undo log files, it also the same as the value shown for the log_id column in the ndbinfo logbuffers and logspaces tables

  • version

    Object version

  • state

    Object state

  • parent_obj_type

    Parent object's type (a dict_obj_types type ID); 0 indicates that the object has no parent

  • parent_obj_id

    Parent object ID (such as a base table); 0 indicates that the object has no parent

  • fq_name

    Fully qualified object name; for a table, this has the form database_name/def/table_name, for a primary key, the form is sys/def/table_id/PRIMARY, and for a unique key it is sys/def/table_id/uk_name$unique