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Excerpts from this Manual The ndbinfo blobs Table

This table provides about blob values stored in NDB. The blobs table has the columns listed here:

  • table_id

    Unique ID of the table containing the column

  • database_name

    Name of the database in which this table resides

  • table_name

    Name of the table

  • column_id

    The column's unique ID within the table

  • column_name

    Name of the column

  • inline_size

    Inline size of the column

  • part_size

    Part size of the column

  • stripe_size

    Stripe size of the column

  • blob_table_name

    Name of the blob table containing this column's blob data, if any

Rows exist in this table for those NDB table columns that store BLOB, TEXT values taking up more than 255 bytes and thus require the use of a blob table. Parts of JSON values exceeding 4000 bytes in size are also stored in this table. For more information about how NDB Cluster stores columns of such types, see String Type Storage Requirements.

The part and (NDB 8.0.30 and later) inline sizes of NDB blob columns can be set using CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements containing NDB table column comments (see NDB_COLUMN Options); this can also be done in NDB API applications (see Column::setPartSize() and setInlineSize()).

The blobs table was added in NDB 8.0.29.