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Excerpts from this Manual The ndbinfo table_info Table

The table_info table provides information about logging, checkpointing, distribution, and storage options in effect for individual NDB tables.

The following table provides information about the columns in table_info. For each column, the table shows the name, data type, and a brief description.

Table 22.401 Columns of the table_info table

Column Name Type Description
table_id integer Table ID
logged_table integer Whether table is logged (1) or not (0)
row_contains_gci integer Whether table rows contain GCI (1 true, 0 false)
row_contains_checksum integer Whether table rows contain checksum (1 true, 0 false)
read_backup integer If backup replicas are read this is 1, otherwise 0
fully_replicated integer If table is fully replicated this is 1, otherwise 0
storage_type string Table storage type; one of MEMORY or DISK
hashmap_id integer Hashmap ID
partition_balance string Partition balance (fragment count type) used for table; one of FOR_RP_BY_NODE, FOR_RA_BY_NODE, FOR_RP_BY_LDM, or FOR_RA_BY_LDM
create_gci integer GCI in which table was created

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