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2.3.31 The Object Class


This class provides meta-information about database objects such as tables and indexes. Object subclasses model these and other database objects.

Parent class.  NdbDictionary

Child classes.  Datafile, Event, Index, LogfileGroup, Table, Tablespace, Undofile, HashMap, ForeignKey

Methods.  The following table lists the public methods of the Object class and the purpose or use of each method:

Method Purpose / Use
getObjectId() Gets an object's ID
getObjectStatus() Gets an object's status
getObjectVersion() Gets the version of an object

All 3 of these methods are pure virtual methods, and are reimplemented in the Table, Index, and Event subclasses where needed.

Types.  These are the public types of the Object class:

Type Purpose / Use
FragmentType Fragmentation type used by the object (a table or index)
State The object's state (whether it is usable)
Status The object's state (whether it is available)
Store Whether the object has been temporarily or permanently stored
Type The object's type (what sort of table, index, or other database object the Object represents)

This diagram shows all public members of the Object class:

Figure 2.26 NdbDictionary::Object

Public members of the Object class.

For a visual representation of Object's subclasses, see Section 2.3.19, “The NdbDictionary Class”.

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