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Excerpts from this Manual The ndbinfo config_params Table

The config_params table is a static table which provides the names and internal ID numbers of and other information about NDB Cluster configuration parameters. This table can also be used in conjunction with the config_values table for obtaining realtime information about node configuration parameters.

The config_params table contains the following columns:

  • param_number

    The parameter's internal ID number

  • param_name

    The name of the parameter

  • param_description

    A brief description of the parameter

  • param_type

    The parameter's data type

  • param_default

    The parameter's default value, if any

  • param_min

    The parameter's maximum value, if any

  • param_max

    The parameter's minimum value, if any

  • param_mandatory

    This is 1 if the parameter is required, otherwise 0

  • param_status

    Currently unused


This table is read-only.

Although this is a static table, its content can vary between NDB Cluster installations, since supported parameters can vary due to differences between software releases, cluster hardware configurations, and other factors.