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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  MySQL Programs

Pre-General Availability Draft: 2017-04-29

Chapter 5 MySQL Programs

Table of Contents     [+/-]

5.1 Overview of MySQL Programs
5.2 Using MySQL Programs     [+/-]
5.3 MySQL Server and Server-Startup Programs     [+/-]
5.4 MySQL Installation-Related Programs     [+/-]
5.5 MySQL Client Programs     [+/-]
5.6 MySQL Administrative and Utility Programs     [+/-]
5.7 MySQL Program Development Utilities     [+/-]
5.8 Miscellaneous Programs     [+/-]
5.9 MySQL Program Environment Variables

This chapter provides a brief overview of the MySQL command-line programs provided by Oracle Corporation. It also discusses the general syntax for specifying options when you run these programs. Most programs have options that are specific to their own operation, but the option syntax is similar for all of them. Finally, the chapter provides more detailed descriptions of individual programs, including which options they recognize.

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