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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  ALTER INSTANCE Syntax

Pre-General Availability Draft: 2018-02-21

13.1.5 ALTER INSTANCE Syntax


ALTER INSTANCE defines actions applicable to a MySQL server instance.

The ALTER INSTANCE ROTATE INNODB MASTER KEY statement is used to rotate the master encryption key used for InnoDB tablespace encryption. A keyring plugin must be loaded to use this statement. By default, the MySQL server loads the keyring_file plugin. Key rotation requires the ENCRYPTION_KEY_ADMIN or SUPER privilege.

ALTER INSTANCE ROTATE INNODB MASTER KEY supports concurrent DML. However, it cannot be run concurrently with CREATE TABLE ... ENCRYPTION or ALTER TABLE ... ENCRYPTION operations, and locks are taken to prevent conflicts that could arise from concurrent execution of these statements. If one of the conflicting statements is running, it must complete before another can proceed.

ALTER INSTANCE actions are written to the binary log so that they can be executed on replicated servers.

For additional ALTER INSTANCE ROTATE INNODB MASTER KEY usage information, see Section 15.7.11, “InnoDB Tablespace Encryption”. For information about the keyring_file plugin, see Section 6.5.4, “The MySQL Keyring”.

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