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Pre-General Availability Draft: 2017-07-24 UNINSTALL COMPONENT Syntax

UNINSTALL COMPONENT component_name [, component_name ] ...

This statement deactivates and uninstalls one or more server components. It requires the DELETE privilege for the mysql.component system table. UNINSTALL COMPONENT is the complement of INSTALL COMPONENT.

A loader service also unregisters uninstalled components from the mysql.component system table. As a result, they are no longer installed during the startup sequence for subsequent server restarts.

If any error occurs, the statement fails and has no effect. For example, this happens if a component name is erroneous, a named component is not installed, or cannot be uninstalled because other installed components depend on it.

For information about component naming, see Section, “INSTALL COMPONENT Syntax”.


UNINSTALL COMPONENT 'file://component2';

For additional information about components, see Section 5.5, “MySQL Server Components”.

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