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Pre-General Availability: 2024-07-11

2.1 Set Up MySQL Shell for VS Code

This section describes how to install the MySQL Shell for VS Code for use inside Visual Studio Code and to activate an embedded instance of MySQL Shell if it is not installed on your system. MySQL Shell is a component that you can install separately.


The MySQL Shell for VS Code extension is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms. This installation requires:

  • Visual Studio Code (update to the latest version), supported on the following platforms:

    • Windows 10+ (x64)

    • macOS 11+ (arm64, x64)

    • Linux glibc 2.12 (arm64, x64)

      The MySQL Shell for VS Code extension is tested with these distributions.

      Linux Distribution Releases
      Debian 11
      Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04
      Ubuntu-WSL2 20.04
      Kubuntu 21.10
      RedHat/OEL 7, 8
      Fedora 35
      Raspberry Pi OS January 28th 2022
  • MySQL Shell 8.0.28 and later (optional). If you intend to maintain MySQL Shell as a standalone product, instead of using the embedded instance, install MySQL Shell before installing the MySQL Shell for VS Code extension.

  • This extension requires the MS VC++ runtime libraries on Windows platforms. Please download them from the following web page and install them on your system.

    MS Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable

  • Access to MySQL Server or MySQL Database Service, 8.0.28 and later.

Download the MySQL Shell for VS Code extension file

The MySQL Shell for VS Code is available for you to install or download from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Install the MySQL Shell for VS Code extension

  1. Click Install on the Visual Studio Marketplace entry.

  2. Open Visual Studio Code and select Appearance from the View menu. From the open list, enable:

    • Show Side Bar

    • Show Status Bar

    • Show Activity Bar

  3. Click the Extensions icon in the activity bar to open the view in the side bar.

  4. In the EXTENSIONS: MARKETPLACE search, enter "MySQL Shell for VS Code".

  5. Click Install on the entry for MySQL Shell for VS Code.

  6. Restart Visual Studio Code when prompted to complete the installation.

How to get MySQL

MySQL Server

MySQL Database Service

See Getting Started with MySQL Database Service.