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Pre-General Availability: 2023-01-18

5.1 Console Browser

The MySQL Shell Console Browser is a central location for managing MySQL Shell sessions. In MySQL Shell, connections to MySQL server instances are handled by a session object.

From the browser, you can:

  • Add a new console session and open it in the editor.

  • Select an existing console session and switch to it in the editor.

  • Close an existing console session.

  • Access helpful information related to MySQL Shell.

The browser is tightly integrated with the MYSQL SHELL CONSOLES view in the primary side bar (Ctrl+B) and the GUI Console toolbar. When a session is added or removed from within the browser, it is also added or removed from the view and toolbar lists at the same time.


Sessions are not persistent. When you close the MySQL Shell Consoles tab or exit the Visual Studio Code program, all GUI console sessions also close.

Figure 5.2 MySQL Shell GUI Console

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