MySQL APT Repository
Ubuntu / Debian (Architecture Independent), DEB Package 17.6K
(mysql-apt-config_0.8.32-1_all.deb) MD5: 9be3e6b23b09bd452d3e52470c4b385f | Signature

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The MySQL APT repository provides a simple and convenient way to install and update MySQL products with the latest software packages using Apt.

The MySQL APT repository provides MySQL packages for the following Linux distros:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

The MySQL APT repository includes the latest versions of:

  • MySQL 8.4 LTS
  • MySQL Innovation
  • MySQL 8.0
  • MySQL 5.7
  • MySQL NDB Cluster 8.4 LTS
  • MySQL NDB Cluster Innovation
  • MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0
  • MySQL NDB Cluster 7.6
  • MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5
  • MySQL Workbench - Ubuntu Only
  • MySQL Router
  • MySQL Shell
  • MySQL Connector/C++
  • MySQL Connector/J
  • MySQL Connector/ODBC
  • MySQL Connector/Python

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