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Pre-General Availability: 2024-03-25

4.6 Set Current Database Schemas

MySQL Shell for VS Code provides a robust work space in which you may create and work with multiple connection tabs, multiple DB Notebook editors within each connection tab, or both. Switching among tabs and editors is a standard practice that the extension tracks by listing each connection, together with schema trees, under the DATABASE CONNECTIONS view in the primary side bar.

With an active editor started, right-click a schema tree and select Set As Current Database Schema to specify that schema as the current one for the connection. The extension identifies your selection by highlighting the schema's icon in the list. The visual icon work like this:

  • If there is no editor session of a connection (no open tabs), then no current schema is set.

  • The current schema can be changed in the extension by opening the context menu for a schema tree item and selecting the menu item to trigger the process.

  • Setting the current schema using the context menu activates the last active editor for that connection (if there is one) and changes the current schema there.

  • Activating a VS Code tab changes the current schema indicators to reflect the values for all open connections in that instance.

  • If the last editor session to a given connection is closed (and so its corresponding connection entry is removed from the OPEN EDITORS view), the current schema indicator is removed.