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Pre-General Availability: 2024-05-21

2.3.1 Settings for DB Notebooks

Each DB Notebook provides visual tools for working with databases. DB Notebooks provide two distinct types of database editors: a notebook editor and a script editor.


Settings for MySQL Shell for VS Code are categorized under the name of the MySQL Shell GUI (Msg) repository.

Msg › Db Editor › Connection Browser: Show Greeting

If set, a message section is shown with some useful links. Enabled by default.

Msg › Db Editor: Default Editor

Select the type of the first editor when opening a database connection. The choice of editors are:

  • notebook (default)

  • script

Msg › Db Editor: Start Language

Select the initial language for multiple-language DB Notebooks (does not apply to script editors). The choice of languages are:

  • sql (default)

  • javascript

  • typescript

Msg › Db Editor: Upper Case Keywords

When set, keywords shown in code-completion popups appear in all uppercase letters and are inserted as such in the SQL statements. Enabled by default.

Msg › Db Editor: Use Minimap

Determines if notebooks using the editor show a minimap (code outline). Only has an effect when minimaps are enabled globally (set in the User settings scope).