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MySQL Shell for VS Code

Pre-General Availability: 2024-07-17

4.10 Client Connections

The Client Connections tab provides both summarized and detailed information about each client connection maintained by the server. This section describes:

Client-connections toolbar

Use the actions in the toolbar to modify the output shown in the client-connections grid.

Figure 4.11 MySQL Shell for VS Code - Client Connections Toolbar

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Toolbar actions (from left to right) are:

  • Editor: Two selection lists that enable you to:

    • Reopen a previously opened editor (arranged under connections).

    • Start a new DB Notebook, SQL Script, TS Script, or JS Script editor.

  • Refresh Rate: (in seconds) 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, no refresh.

  • Hide sleeping connections

  • Hide background threads

  • Don't load full thread information

  • Show or hide details

  • Kill query

  • Kill connection

Summary of client-connections information

Connection information is summarized and shown in fields above the client-connections grid for quick review. The summary shows:

  • Threads Connected

  • Threads Running

  • Threads Created

  • Threads Cached

  • Rejected

  • Total Connections

  • Connection limit

  • Aborted Clients

  • Aborted Connections

  • Errors

Client-connections information grid

The client-connections grid lists the connection information based on what you have enabled or disabled with the toolbar actions. Use the scroll bar at the base of the editor to view all of the fields.

Figure 4.12 MySQL Shell for VS Code - Client Connections Grid Area

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Details, metadata locks, and attributes

When the show-details action is enabled, an independent area with three tabs that overlay the right side of the client-connections grid opens. The tabs and the information within them are:

  • Details

    Select a connection in the client-connections grid to isolate its details in a list:

    • Processlist Id

    • Thread Id

    • Name

    • Type

    • User

    • Host

    • Schema

    • Command

    • Time

    • Sate

    • Role

    • Instrumented

    • Parent Thread Id

  • Locks

    MySQL uses metadata locking to manage access to objects such as tables and triggers. Sometimes a query might be blocked while being manipulated by another connection from another user. The Locks tab (shown in the following figure) utilizes these MySQL metadata locks (MDL) to show the locked connections that are blocked or being waiting on, and shows information about the locks, what they are waiting for, and what they hold.

    Figure 4.13 MySQL Shell for VS Code - Client Connections Detail Area

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  • Attributes

    Shows the following connection attributes together with their values:

    • _os

    • _client_name

    • _pid

    • _thread

    • _platform

    • program_name

    • _client_version