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Pre-General Availability: 2023-01-18

2.3.2 Settings for MySQL Shell Consoles

MySQL Shell Consoles provide independent, session-based GUI Console work areas for interactive shell-command editing.


Settings for MySQL Shell for VS Code are categorized under the name of the MySQL Shell GUI (Msg) repository.

Msg › Shell Session › Session Browser: Show Greeting

Display a message section. Enabled by default.

Msg › Shell Session: Start Language

Select the initial language for a new shell session. The following language options are available:

  • javascript (default)

  • python

  • sql

Msg › Tab Position: New Shell Console

Where to place the new tab when opening a MySQL Shell console. The following placement options are available:

  • Active (default): In the currently active editor group.

  • Beside Right: In the editor group beside the active one.

  • Beside Bottom: In the editor group beneath the active one.