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Pre-General Availability: 2024-05-02

2.3.2 Settings for MySQL Shell Consoles

MySQL Shell Consoles provide independent, session-based GUI Console work areas for interactive shell-command editing.


Settings for MySQL Shell for VS Code are categorized under the name of the MySQL Shell GUI (Msg) repository.

Msg › Shell Session › Session Browser: Show Greeting

Display a message section. Enabled by default.

Msg › Shell Session: Start Language

Select the initial language for a new shell session. The following language options are available:

  • javascript (default)

  • python

  • sql

Msg › Tab Position: New Shell Console

Where to place the new tab when opening a MySQL Shell console. The following placement options are available:

  • Active (default): In the currently active editor group.

  • Beside Right: In the editor group beside the active one.

  • Beside Bottom: In the editor group beneath the active one.

Msg › Shell: Enforce Https

Enforce the use of HTTPS when connecting to MySQL Shell. Enabled by default.


This extension relies on a MySQL Shell process serving its user interface and data. To protect this flow of sensitive data, it is highly recommended to use HTTPS encryption when other users have access to the machine that is running MySQL Shell. This requires MySQL Shell's rootCA.crt certificate to be installed on the machine where MySQL Shell is running. Use the Welcome Wizard to perform this task.

Later, you can find the certificate at:

  • ~/.mysqlsh-gui/plugin_data/web_certs/rootCA.crt (macOS and Linux)

  • %appdata%\MySQL\mysqlsh-gui\plugin_data\gui_plugin\web_certs\rootCA.crt (Windows)

When using a Visual Studio Code SSH-remote development session, this certificate also must be installed on your local development machine. To install the certificate:

  1. Copy the rootCA.crt certificate to the local development machine using a secure approach, such as scp.

  2. Install the certificate locally. On macOS, you can use Keychain Access to trust the certificate (see Unix: Set up a certificate for a web server supporting HTTPS running on the localhost).

  3. Restart Visual Studio Code after the installation is finished.

Always click Reload VS Code (in the setting's description) after changing this setting.

Msg › Shell: External Url

String value to specify a URL to be used to connect to a running MySQL instance. Leave empty to use an automatically launched local MySQL Shell instance. Use the Connect to External MySQL Shell Process option in the DATABASE CONNECTIONS view menu to switch between shell connections.

Msg › Shell: Show Unsecured Connection Warning

Display a warning panel when not using HTTPS to communicate with MySQL Shell. Enabled by default.

Always click Reload VS Code (in the setting's description) after changing this setting.

Msg › Shell: Use External

The Connect to External MySQL Shell Process option.