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Pre-General Availability: 2024-07-17

3.2.2 MySQL REST Service

The REST API service adds basic authentication and exposes a route to check router's status.

To create a MySQL REST Service

Right-click the connection to update in the DATABASE CONNECTIONS view and select Configure MySQL REST Service. The configuration setup performs the following actions:

  • Checks the Managed Router Service (MRS) metadata schema and version.

    If the MRS metadata is well configured, no changes are performed.

  • Adds the Configure MySQL REST Service task under MYSQL SHELL TASKS with the status of done.

After a REST service has been created, you can add further configuration to it by selecting the MySQL REST Service entry, which is located under the DATABASE CONNECTIONS view of the required connection.

To add a REST service

  1. Right-click MySQL REST Service and select Add REST Service to open the MySQL REST Service dialog box.

    The configuration settings are:

    • Service Name: Add a name for the new REST service.

    • Comments: Add comments or description for the new REST service.

    • Hostname: Add the host name of the MySQL server.

    • Supported Protocols: Select a protocol for the REST service:

      • HTTPS

      • HTTP

    • MRS Service Flags: Select a flag for the REST service:

      • Default

      • Enabled

  2. Click OK to save the new REST service.

When the new REST service appears under MySQL REST Service, you can right-click the it to perform the following actions:

  • Enable MySQL REST Service

  • Disable MySQL REST Service

  • Bootstrap Local MySQL Router Instance

  • Start Local MySQL Router Instance

  • Stop Local MySQL Router Instance

  • Kill Local MySQL Router Instance

  • Browse the MySQL REST Service Documentation