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Pre-General Availability: 2024-05-21

Chapter 1 Welcome

MySQL Shell for VS Code enables interactive editing and execution of SQL for MySQL Databases and the MySQL Database Service. It integrates the MySQL Shell directly into Visual Studio Code development workflows.

MySQL Shell Consoles provides with you with MySQL Shell inside a notebook-interface-styled editor. With the GUI Console, you can deploy and manage your InnoDB Cluster, InnoDB ClusterSet, and InnoDB ReplicaSet, using most of the features of MySQL Shell, including AdminAPI, X DevAPI, and ShellAPI.

DB Notebooks offer you a fresh way to work interactively with your databases. Within a notebook editor, you can switch from SQL (with embedded results) to JavaScript or TypeScript to query, manipulate, and visualize your data. In addition, each database connection also supports single-language, full-page editors for long script.

The following table enumerates the basic features of MySQL Shell and indicates which editors support them. It may assist you in choosing whether to interact with MySQL using MySQL Shell's console sessions or by using DB Notebook's interactive and script editors.

MySQL Shell Feature MySQL Shell Console (Shell Sessions) DB Notebooks SQL Sripts, TS Scripts, JS Scripts
Supported Languages SQL, Python, JavaScript SQL (MySQL and SQLite), TypeScript, JavaScript SQL (.sql), TypeScript (.ts), JavaScript (.js)
Interactive Code Execution Yes Yes No
Batch Code Execution Yes Yes Yes
Supported APIs AdminAPI, X DevAPI, and ShellAPI N/A N/A
X Protocol Support Yes Yes Yes
Utilities Yes No No
API Command-Line Integration N/A N/A N/A
Output Formats No No No
Logging and Debug Yes Yes Yes
Global Session Yes N/A N/A