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3.2.3 MySQL Administration

MySQL Administration is listed under each connection in the DATABASE CONNECTIONS view.

There are three areas of administration:

  • Server Status: Provides an immediate view into the basic health indicators and counters for your MySQL environment. This view provides includes Performance Schema. For details, see Section 4.9, “Server Status”.

  • Client Connections: Lists the active and sleeping MySQL client connections; adds the ability to kill statements and connections; shows additional connection details and attributes. For details, see Section 4.10, “Client Connections”.

  • Performance Dashboard: Provides quick views of MySQL performance on key network, server, and InnoDB metrics. For details, see Section 4.11, “Performance Dashboard”.

MySQL administration information is always associated with a connection to a specific MySQL server instance. Each collection can be opened in its own tab and then accessed again from the Editor list of the connection's toolbar.

Figure 3.2 MySQL Shell for VS Code - MySQL Administration Quick Access in Editor

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