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Pre-General Availability: 2024-06-21

5.6.4 InnoDB ReplicaSet Methods

The ReplicaSet object is used to manage MySQL server topologies that use asynchronous replication. It can be created using the dba.createReplicaSet() or dba.getReplicaSet() methods.

The following table provides a list of the available InnoDB ReplicaSet methods.

InnoDB ReplicaSet Method Description
add_instance() Adds an instance to the InnoDB ReplicaSet.
disconnect() Disconnects all internal sessions used by the InnoDB ReplicaSet object.
force_primary_instance() Performs a failover in a InnoDB ReplicaSet with an unavailable primary.
get_name() Returns the name of the InnoDB ReplicaSet.
help() Provides help about this class and it’s specified members.
list_routers() Lists the Router instances.
options() Lists the ReplicaSet configuration options.
rejoin_instance() Rejoins an instance to the InnoDB ReplicaSet.
remove_instance() Removes an Instance from the InnoDB ReplicaSet.
remove_router_metadata() Removes metadata for a router instance.
set_instance_option() Changes the value of an option in an InnoDB ReplicaSet member.
set_option() Changes the value of an option for the entire InnoDB ReplicaSet.
set_primary_instance() Performs a safe primary switchover, promoting the given instance.
setup_admin_account() Create or upgrade an InnoDB ReplicaSet admin account.
setup_router_account() Create or upgrade a MySQL account to use with MySQL Router.
status() Describe the status of the InnoDB ReplicaSet.