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Pre-General Availability: 2024-03-25

2.3.4 Settings for Advanced Usage

The following settings are for advanced use cases only and should retain their default values for general purposes.


Settings for MySQL Shell for VS Code are categorized under the name of the MySQL Shell GUI (Msg) repository.

Msg › Workers: Max Pending Task Count

Integer value to describe the highest number of waiting tasks for a free background worker. An error is thrown if this number is exceeded, indicating that the worker pool is overloaded and can no longer cope with incoming work. The default value is 100.

Msg › Workers: Max Worker Count

Integer value to display the number of workers that are most active. The default value is 3.

Msg › Workers: Min Worker Count

The number of workers that are always available. Spinning up a worker can take a few seconds, so to avoid extra wait time it is advisable to keep at least two workers running all the times.

Msg › Workers: Remove Idle Time

Integer value to display the number of seconds to pass until the oldest inactive worker is removed. This setting has no effect if the current number of active workers falls below the minimal worker count. The default value is 60.