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MySQL Shell for VS Code

Pre-General Availability: 2024-07-11

4.9 Server Status

Server status provides an overview of MySQL administration information, such as a server's main settings, the location (or state) of the relevant server directories, the current server features, server SSL certificate details, and server authentication keys. Each database connection in the view hierarchy includes a Server Status entry under MySQL Administration. After opening the server-status editor, you can switch back to your notebook or script editor and then reopen the status information by selecting its entry from the Editor list.

Figure 4.10 MySQL Shell for VS Code - Server Status

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The Server Status tab provides the following read-only information:

  • Main Settings

    • Connection name

    • Host

    • Socket

    • Port

    • Version (of the server)

    • Compiled for (platform)

    • Configuration file

    • Running since (days, hours, minutes)

  • Server Directories

    • Base directory

    • Data directory

    • Plugins directory

    • Tmp directory

    • Error log

    • General log

    • Slow query log

  • Server Features

    • Performance schema

    • Thread pool

    • Memcached plugin

    • Semisync replication plugin

    • PAM authentication

    • Password validation

    • Audit log

    • Firewall

    • Firewall trace

  • Server SSL

    • SSL CA

    • SSL CA path

    • SSL cert

    • SSL cipher

    • SSL CRL

    • SSL CRL path

    • SSL key

  • Server Authentication

    • SHA256 private key

    • SHA256 public key