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Info (Zip) - 4.0Mb SET RESOURCE GROUP Statement

    [FOR thread_id [, thread_id] ...]

SET RESOURCE GROUP is used for resource group management (see Section 7.1.16, “Resource Groups”). This statement assigns threads to a resource group. It requires the RESOURCE_GROUP_ADMIN or RESOURCE_GROUP_USER privilege.

group_name identifies which resource group to be assigned. Any thread_id values indicate threads to assign to the group. Thread IDs can be determined from the Performance Schema threads table. If the resource group or any named thread ID does not exist, an error occurs.

With no FOR clause, the statement assigns the current thread for the session to the resource group.

With a FOR clause that names thread IDs, the statement assigns those threads to the resource group.

For attempts to assign a system thread to a user resource group or a user thread to a system resource group, a warning occurs.


  • Assign the current session thread to a group:

  • Assign the named threads to a group:

    SET RESOURCE GROUP rg2 FOR 14, 78, 4;

Resource group management is local to the server on which it occurs. SET RESOURCE GROUP statements are not written to the binary log and are not replicated.

An alternative to SET RESOURCE GROUP is the RESOURCE_GROUP optimizer hint, which assigns individual statements to a resource group. See Section 10.9.3, “Optimizer Hints”.