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Excerpts from this Manual The keyring_component_status Table

The keyring_component_status table (available as of MySQL 8.0.24) provides status information about the properties of the keyring component in use, if one is installed. The table is empty if no keyring component is installed (for example, if the keyring is not being used, or is configured to manage the keystore using a keyring plugin rather than a keyring component).

There is no fixed set of properties. Each keyring component is free to define its own set.

Example keyring_component_status contents:

mysql> SELECT * FROM performance_schema.keyring_component_status;
| STATUS_KEY          | STATUS_VALUE                                    |
| Component_name      | component_keyring_file                          |
| Author              | Oracle Corporation                              |
| License             | GPL                                             |
| Implementation_name | component_keyring_file                          |
| Version             | 1.0                                             |
| Component_status    | Active                                          |
| Data_file           | /usr/local/mysql/keyring/component_keyring_file |
| Read_only           | No                                              |

The keyring_component_status table has these columns:


    The status item name.


    The status item value.

The keyring_component_status table has no indexes.

TRUNCATE TABLE is not permitted for the keyring_component_status table.