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Excerpts from this Manual The firewall_groups Table

The firewall_groups table provides a view into the in-memory data cache for MySQL Enterprise Firewall. It lists names and operational modes of registered firewall group profiles. It is used in conjunction with the mysql.firewall_groups system table that provides persistent storage of firewall data; see MySQL Enterprise Firewall Tables.

The firewall_groups table has these columns:

  • NAME

    The group profile name.

  • MODE

    The current operational mode for the profile. Permitted mode values are OFF, DETECTING, PROTECTING, and RECORDING. For details about their meanings, see Firewall Concepts.


    The training account for the group profile, to be used when the profile is in RECORDING mode. The value is NULL, or a non-NULL account that has the format user_name@host_name:

    • If the value is NULL, the firewall records allowlist rules for statements received from any account that is a member of the group.

    • If the value is non-NULL, the firewall records allowlist rules only for statements received from the named account (which should be a member of the group).

The firewall_groups table has no indexes.

TRUNCATE TABLE is not permitted for the firewall_groups table.

The firewall_groups table was added in MySQL 8.0.23.