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Excerpts from this Manual The ndb_sync_pending_objects Table

This table provides information about NDB database objects for which mismatches have been detected and which are waiting to be synchronized between the NDB dictionary and the MySQL data dictionary.

Example information about NDB database objects awaiting synchronization:

mysql> SELECT * FROM performance_schema.ndb_sync_pending_objects;
| SCHEMA_NAME | NAME |  TYPE          |
| NULL        | lg1  |  LOGFILE GROUP |
| NULL        | ts1  |  TABLESPACE    |
| db1         | NULL |  SCHEMA        |
| test        | t1   |  TABLE         |
| test        | t2   |  TABLE         |
| test        | t3   |  TABLE         |

The ndb_sync_pending_objects table has these columns:

  • SCHEMA_NAME: The name of the schema (database) in which the object awaiting synchronization resides; this is NULL for tablespaces and log file groups

  • NAME: The name of the object awaiting synchronization; this is NULL if the object is a schema

  • TYPE: The type of the object awaiting synchronization; this is one of LOGFILE GROUP, TABLESPACE, SCHEMA, or TABLE

The ndb_sync_pending_objects table was added in NDB 8.0.21.