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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  MySQL Performance Schema  /  Performance Schema Option and Variable Reference

25.12 Performance Schema Option and Variable Reference

Table 25.3 Performance Schema Variable Reference

Name Cmd-Line Option File System Var Status Var Var Scope Dynamic
performance_schema Yes Yes Yes Global No
Performance_schema_accounts_lost Yes Global No
performance_schema_accounts_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
Performance_schema_cond_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_cond_instances_lost Yes Global No
performance-schema-consumer-events-stages-current Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-stages-history Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-stages-history-long Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-statements-current Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-statements-history Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-statements-history-long Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-transactions-current Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-transactions-history Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-transactions-history-long Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-waits-current Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-waits-history Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-events-waits-history-long Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-global-instrumentation Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-statements-digest Yes Yes
performance-schema-consumer-thread-instrumentation Yes Yes
Performance_schema_digest_lost Yes Global No
performance_schema_digests_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_stages_history_long_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_stages_history_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_statements_history_long_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_statements_history_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_transactions_history_long_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_transactions_history_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_waits_history_long_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_events_waits_history_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
Performance_schema_file_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_file_handles_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_file_instances_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_hosts_lost Yes Global No
performance_schema_hosts_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance-schema-instrument Yes Yes
Performance_schema_locker_lost Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_cond_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_cond_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_digest_length Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_file_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_file_handles Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_file_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_memory_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_metadata_locks Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_mutex_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_mutex_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_prepared_statements_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_program_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_rwlock_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_rwlock_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_socket_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_socket_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_stage_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_statement_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_statement_stack Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_table_handles Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_table_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_thread_classes Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_max_thread_instances Yes Yes Yes Global No
Performance_schema_memory_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_metadata_lock_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_mutex_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_mutex_instances_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_nested_statement_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_prepared_statements_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_program_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_rwlock_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_rwlock_instances_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_session_connect_attrs_lost Yes Global No
performance_schema_session_connect_attrs_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_setup_actors_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
performance_schema_setup_objects_size Yes Yes Yes Global No
Performance_schema_socket_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_socket_instances_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_stage_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_statement_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_table_handles_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_table_instances_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_thread_classes_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_thread_instances_lost Yes Global No
Performance_schema_users_lost Yes Global No
performance_schema_users_size Yes Yes Yes Global No

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