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MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4 User Manual
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5.2.11 The stop agents Command

stop agents  [[--hosts=host_list] site_name]

This command stops one or more MySQL Cluster Manager agents on one or more hosts.

When used without any arguments, stop agents stops the agent to which the client is currently connected.

When used with the name of a management site, the command stops all agents running on hosts making up the site. The following stops all MySQL Cluster Manager agents running on hosts in mysite:

mcm> stop agents mysite;

You can also stop a subset of the agents in a given management site by listing the hosts where they are running with the --hosts option (short form: -h), along with the name of the site to which they belong. The result of the following command is to stop MySQL Cluster Manager agents running on hosts kolja and torsk, both of which are members of the management site mysite:

mcm> stop agents --hosts=kolja,torsk mysite;

Multiple host names following the --hosts option should be separated by commas, with no intervening spaces. Invoking stop agents with this option without supplying a site_name causes a syntax error. Using an undefined site_name or names of hosts not belonging to the site with this command also results in an error.


When IPv6-enabled Windows systems are used as MySQL NDB Cluster hosts under MySQL Cluster Manager, you must reference these hosts using IPv4 addresses. Otherwise, MySQL Cluster Manager will be unable to connect to the agent processes on those hosts. See Section 6.1, “MySQL Cluster Manager Usage and Design Limitations”.