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MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4 User Manual
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5.4.3 The list clusters Command

list clusters site_name

This command lists all clusters defined for a given management site named site_name, together with the package used by each cluster. For example, the command shown here displays a list of all clusters defined for the site named mysite:

mcm> list clusters mysite;
| Cluster          | Package  |
| mycluster        | m-7.1.26 |
| yourcluster      | y-7.1.26 |
| someothercluster | s-7.2.9  |
3 rows in set (2.07 sec)

If site_name is omitted, the command fails with an error, as shown here:

mcm> list clusters;
ERROR 6 (00MGR): Illegal number of operands