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MySQL Cluster Manager 8.4 User Manual
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5.8.6 The backup agents Command

backup agents [--hosts=host_list] [site_name]

    host[, host[, ...]]

This command backs up the configuration data for the mcmd agents on the hosts specified in host_list with the --hosts option (short form: -h) for the site named site_name. If no host names are specified, all agents of the site are backed up. If no site_name is given, only the agent that the mcm client is connected to is backed up.

The backup for each agent is created in a subfolder named rep_backup/timestamp under the agent repository (the mcm_data folder), with timestamp reflecting the time the backup began. If you want the backup to be at another place, create a soft link from mcm_data/rep_backup to your desired storage location.

An empty file named INCOMPLETE is created in the folder in which the backup is created when the backup begins, and is deleted after the backup is finished. The continuous existence of the file after the backup process is over indicates that the backup is incomplete.

Notice that the backup agents command works differently from the backup cluster command, which backs up cluster data; the backup agents command, on the other hand, backs up agent configuration data. Using together the backups created by both commands, you can restore not just the cluster, but the complete cluster-plus-manager setup. See Section 4.7, “Backing Up and Restoring MySQL Cluster Manager Agents” for more details about backing up and restoring mcmd agents.