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Info (Zip) - 4.0Mb The ndbinfo index_columns Table

This table provides information about indexes on NDB tables. The columns of the index_columns table are listed here, along with brief descriptions:

  • table_id

    Unique ID of the NDB table for which the index is defined

  • Name of the database containing this table


  • table_name

    Name of the table

  • index_object_id

    Object ID of this index

  • index_name

    Name of the index; if the index is not named, the name of the first column in the index is used

  • index_type

    Type of index; normally this is 3 (unique hash index) or 6 (ordered index); the values are the same as those in the type_id column of the dict_obj_types table

  • status

    One of new, changed, retrieved, invalid, or altered

  • columns

    A comma-delimited list of columns making up the index