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Info (Zip) - 4.0Mb The ndbinfo files Table

The files tables provides information about files and other objects used by NDB disk data tables, and contains the columns listed here:

  • id

    Object ID

  • type

    The type of object; one of Log file group, Tablespace, Undo file, or Data file

  • name

    The name of the object

  • parent

    ID of the parent object

  • parent_name

    Name of the parent object

  • free_extents

    Number of free extents

  • total_extents

    Total number of extents

  • extent_size

    Extent size (MB)

  • initial_size

    Initial size (bytes)

  • maximum_size

    Maximum size (bytes)

  • autoextend_size

    Autoextend size (bytes)

For log file groups and tablespaces, parent is always 0, and the parent_name, free_extents, total_extents, extent_size, initial_size, maximum_size, and autoentend_size columns are all NULL.

The files table is empty if no disk data objects have been created in NDB. See Section, “NDB Cluster Disk Data Objects”, for more information.

See also Section 28.3.15, “The INFORMATION_SCHEMA FILES Table”.