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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Window Function Restrictions

12.21.5 Window Function Restrictions

The SQL standard imposes a constraint on window functions that they cannot be used in UPDATE or DELETE statements to update rows. Using such functions in a subquery of these statements (to select rows) is permitted.

MySQL does not support these window function features:

  • DISTINCT syntax for aggregate window functions.

  • Nested window functions.

  • Dynamic frame endpoints that depend on the value of the current row.

The parser recognizes these window constructs which nevertheless are not supported:

  • The GROUPS frame units specifier is parsed, but produces an error. Only ROWS and RANGE are supported.

  • The EXCLUDE clause for frame specification is parsed, but produces an error.

  • IGNORE NULLS is parsed, but produces an error. Only RESPECT NULLS is supported.

  • FROM LAST is parsed, but produces an error. Only FROM FIRST is supported.

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