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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Functions which Configure the Maximum Consensus Instances of a Group Functions which Configure the Maximum Consensus Instances of a Group

The following functions enable you to control the maximum number of consensus instances for a replication group.

group_replication_set_write_concurrency() Syntax

Use group_replication_set_write_concurrency() to configure the maximum number of memebers used to reach a consensus when writing a transaction to the group. For example:

SELECT group_replication_set_write_concurrency(members)

The number of members passed in by members sets the maximum number of members used when reaching a consensus in the group.

group_replication_get_write_concurrency(); Syntax

Use group_replication_get_write_concurrency() to check the maximum number of members a group uses to reach a consensus. For example:

SELECT group_replication_get_write_concurrency()

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