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MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual  /  Functions and Operators  /  Loadable Function Reference

12.2 Loadable Function Reference

The following table lists each function that is loadable at runtime and provides a short description of each one. For a table listing built-in functions and operators, see Section 12.1, “Built-In Function and Operator Reference”

For general information about loadable functions, see Section 5.7, “MySQL Server Loadable Functions”.

Table 12.2 Loadable Functions

Name Description Introduced Deprecated
asymmetric_decrypt() Decrypt ciphertext using private or public key
asymmetric_derive() Derive symmetric key from asymmetric keys
asymmetric_encrypt() Encrypt cleartext using private or public key
asymmetric_sign() Generate signature from digest
asymmetric_verify() Verify that signature matches digest
asynchronous_connection_failover_add_managed() Add a replication source server in a managed group to the source list 8.0.23
asynchronous_connection_failover_add_source() Add a replication source server to the source list 8.0.22
asynchronous_connection_failover_delete_managed() Remove managed group of replication source servers from the source list 8.0.23
asynchronous_connection_failover_delete_source() Remove a replication source server from the source list 8.0.22
audit_api_message_emit_udf() Add message event to audit log
audit_log_encryption_password_get() Fetch audit log encryption password
audit_log_encryption_password_set() Set audit log encryption password
audit_log_filter_flush() Flush audit log filter tables
audit_log_filter_remove_filter() Remove audit log filter
audit_log_filter_remove_user() Unassign audit log filter from user
audit_log_filter_set_filter() Define audit log filter
audit_log_filter_set_user() Assign audit log filter to user
audit_log_read() Return audit log records
audit_log_read_bookmark() Bookmark for most recent audit log event
audit_log_rotate() Rotate audit log file
create_asymmetric_priv_key() Create private key
create_asymmetric_pub_key() Create public key
create_dh_parameters() Generate shared DH secret
create_digest() Generate digest from string
firewall_group_delist() Remove account from firewall group profile 8.0.23
firewall_group_enlist() Add account to firewall group profile 8.0.23
gen_blacklist() Perform dictionary term replacement 8.0.23
gen_blocklist() Perform dictionary term replacement 8.0.23
gen_dictionary() Return random term from dictionary
gen_dictionary_drop() Remove dictionary from registry
gen_dictionary_load() Load dictionary into registry
gen_range() Generate random number within range
gen_rnd_email() Generate random email address
gen_rnd_pan() Generate random payment card Primary Account Number
gen_rnd_ssn() Generate random US Social Security number
gen_rnd_us_phone() Generate random US phone number
group_replication_disable_member_action() Enable a member action so that the member does not take it in the specified situation
group_replication_enable_member_action() Enable a member action for the member to take in the specified situation
group_replication_get_communication_protocol() Return Group Replication protocol version
group_replication_get_write_concurrency() Return maximum number of consensus instances executable in parallel
group_replication_reset_member_actions() Reset the member actions configuration to the default settings
group_replication_set_as_primary() Assign group member as new primary
group_replication_set_communication_protocol() Set Group Replication protocol version
group_replication_set_write_concurrency() Set maximum number of consensus instances executable in parallel
group_replication_switch_to_multi_primary_mode() Change group from single-primary to multi-primary mode
group_replication_switch_to_single_primary_mode() Change group from multi-primary to single-primary mode
keyring_aws_rotate_cmk() Rotate AWS customer master key
keyring_aws_rotate_keys() Rotate keys in keyring_aws storage file
keyring_hashicorp_update_config() Cause runtime keyring_hashicorp reconfiguration
keyring_key_fetch() Fetch keyring key value
keyring_key_generate() Generate random keyring key
keyring_key_length_fetch() Return keyring key length
keyring_key_remove() Remove keyring key
keyring_key_store() Store key in keyring
keyring_key_type_fetch() Return keyring key type
load_rewrite_rules() Rewriter plugin helper routine
mask_inner() Mask interior part of string
mask_outer() Mask left and right parts of string
mask_pan() Mask payment card Primary Account Number part of string
mask_pan_relaxed() Mask payment card Primary Account Number part of string
mask_ssn() Mask US Social Security number
mysql_firewall_flush_status() Reset firewall status variables
mysql_query_attribute_string() Fetch query attribute value 8.0.23
normalize_statement() Normalize SQL statement to digest form
read_firewall_group_allowlist() Update firewall group profile recorded-statement cache 8.0.23
read_firewall_groups() Update firewall group profile cache 8.0.23
read_firewall_users() Update firewall account profile cache 8.0.26
read_firewall_whitelist() Update firewall account profile recorded-statement cache 8.0.26
service_get_read_locks() Acquire locking service shared locks
service_get_write_locks() Acquire locking service exclusive locks
service_release_locks() Release locking service locks
set_firewall_group_mode() Establish firewall group profile operational mode 8.0.23
set_firewall_mode() Establish firewall account profile operational mode 8.0.26
version_tokens_delete() Delete tokens from version tokens list
version_tokens_edit() Modify version tokens list
version_tokens_lock_exclusive() Acquire exclusive locks on version tokens
version_tokens_lock_shared() Acquire shared locks on version tokens
version_tokens_set() Set version tokens list
version_tokens_show() Return version tokens list
version_tokens_unlock() Release version tokens locks