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Excerpts from this Manual INNODB_CMPMEM and INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET

The INNODB_CMPMEM and INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET tables provide status information about compressed pages that reside in the buffer pool. Please consult Section 15.9, “InnoDB Table and Page Compression” for further information on compressed tables and the use of the buffer pool. The INNODB_CMP and INNODB_CMP_RESET tables should provide more useful statistics on compression.

Internal Details

InnoDB uses a buddy allocator system to manage memory allocated to pages of various sizes, from 1KB to 16KB. Each row of the two tables described here corresponds to a single page size.

The INNODB_CMPMEM and INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET tables have identical contents, but reading from INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET resets the statistics on relocation operations. For example, if every 60 minutes you archived the output of INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET, it would show the hourly statistics. If you never read INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET and monitored the output of INNODB_CMPMEM instead, it would show the cumulative statistics since InnoDB was started.

For the table definition, see Section 25.51.6, “The INFORMATION_SCHEMA INNODB_CMPMEM and INNODB_CMPMEM_RESET Tables”.