MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide

MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide

This is the MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide, which provides information about developing applications using NDB Cluster as a data store. Application interfaces covered in this Guide include the low-level C++-language NDB API for the MySQL NDB storage engine, the C-language MGM API for communicating with and controlling NDB Cluster management servers, and the MySQL Cluster Connector for Java, which is a collection of Java APIs for writing applications against NDB Cluster, including JDBC, JPA, and ClusterJ.

NDB Cluster also provides support for the Memcache API; for more information, see Chapter 6, ndbmemcache—Memcache API for NDB Cluster.

NDB Cluster 7.3 and later also provides support for applications written using Node.js. See Chapter 5, MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript, for more information.

This Guide includes concepts, terminology, class and function references, practical examples, common problems, and tips for using these APIs in applications.

For information about NDB internals that may be of interest to developers working with NDB, see MySQL NDB Cluster Internals Manual.

The information presented in this guide is current for recent releases of NDB Cluster up to and including NDB Cluster 7.6.4, now under development. Due to significant functional and other changes in NDB Cluster and its underlying APIs, you should not expect this information to apply to previous releases of the NDB Cluster software prior to NDB Cluster 7.2. Users of older NDB Cluster releases should upgrade to the latest available release of NDB Cluster 7.5, currently the most recent GA release series.

For more information about NDB 7.5, see What is New in NDB Cluster 7.5. For information regarding NDB 7.6, see What is New in NDB Cluster 7.6.

For legal information, see the Legal Notices.

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Third-party licensing information.  This product may include third-party software, used under license. If you are using a Commercial release of NDB Cluster, see this document for licensing information relating to third-party software that may be included in this Commercial release. If you are using a Community or Developer Preview release of NDB Cluster, see this document for licensing information relating to third-party software that may be included in this Community release.

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Table of Contents     [+/-]

Preface and Legal Notices
1 NDB Cluster APIs: Overview and Concepts     [+/-]
2 The NDB API     [+/-]
3 The MGM API     [+/-]
4 MySQL Cluster Connector for Java     [+/-]
5 MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript     [+/-]
6 ndbmemcache—Memcache API for NDB Cluster     [+/-]