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2.3.10 The HashMap Class


This class represents a hash map in an NDB Cluster. It was added to the NDB API in NDB 7.2.7.

Parent class.  Object

Child classes.  None.

Methods.  The following table lists the public methods of the HashMap class and the purpose or use of each method:

Table 2.20 HashMap class methods and descriptions

Name Description
HashMap() Class constructor
~HashMap() Class destructor
setName() Set a name for the hashmap
getName() Gets a hashmap's name
setMap() Sets a hashmap's length and values
getMapLen() Gets a hashmap's length
getMapValues() Gets the values contained in the hashmap
equal() Compares this hashmap's values with those of another hashmap
getObjectStatus() Gets the hashmap's object status
getObjectVersion() Gets the hashmap's schema object version
getObjectId() Gets the hashmap's ID

Types.  The HashMap class has no public types.

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