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2.3.27 The NdbRecord Interface

NdbRecord is an interface which provides a mapping to a full or a partial record stored in NDB. In the latter case, it can be used in conjunction with a bitmap to assist in access.

NdbRecord has no API methods of its own; rather it acts as a handle that can be passed between various method calls for use in many different sorts of operations, including the following operation types:

  • Unique key reads and primary key reads

  • Table scans and index scans

  • DML operations involving unique keys or primary keys

  • Operations involving index bounds

The same NdbRecord can be used simultaneously in multiple operations, transactions, and threads.

An NdbRecord can be created in NDB API programs by calling the createRecord() method of the Dictionary class. In addition, a number of NDB API methods have additional declarations that enable the programmer to leverage NdbRecord:

The following members of NdbIndexScanOperation and NdbDictionary can also be used with NdbRecord scans:

You can also use NdbRecord in conjunction with the new PartitionSpec structure to perform scans that take advantage of partition pruning, by means of a variant of NdbIndexScanOperation::setBound() that was added in the same NDB Cluster releases.