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2.3.22 The NdbRecord Interface

This section provides information about the NdbRecord interface.


NdbRecord is an interface which provides a mapping to a full or a partial record stored in NDB. In the latter case, it can be used in conjunction with a bitmap to assist in access.







NdbRecord has no API methods of its own; rather, it acts as a handle that can be passed between various method calls for use in many different sorts of operations, including the following:

  • Unique key reads and primary key reads

  • Table scans and index scans

  • DML operations involving unique keys or primary keys

  • Operations involving index bounds

The same NdbRecord can be used simultaneously in multiple operations, transactions, and threads.

An NdbRecord can be created in NDB API programs by calling Dictionary::createRecord(). In addition, a number of NDB API methods have additional declarations that enable the programmer to leverage NdbRecord:

The following members of NdbIndexScanOperation and NdbDictionary can also be used with NdbRecord scans:

You can also use NdbRecord in conjunction with the PartitionSpec structure to perform scans that take advantage of partition pruning, using NdbIndexScanOperation::setBound().