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2.3.22 The NdbIndexOperation Class


This section describes the NdbIndexOperation class and its public methods.

Parent class.  NdbOperation

Child classes.  None

Description.  NdbIndexOperation represents an index operation for use in transactions. This class inherits from NdbOperation.


NdbIndexOperation can be used only with unique hash indexes; to work with ordered indexes, use NdbIndexScanOperation.

Methods.  The following table lists the public methods of this class and the purpose or use of each method:

Method Purpose / Use
deleteTuple() Removes a tuple from a table
getIndex() Gets the index used by the operation
readTuple() Reads a tuple from a table
updateTuple() Updates an existing tuple in a table

Index operations are not permitted to insert tuples.

For detailed descriptions, signatures, and examples of use for each of these methods, see Section, “NdbOperation Methods”.

Types.  The NdbIndexOperation class defines no public types of its own.

Class diagram.  This diagram shows all the available methods of the NdbIndexOperation class:

Figure 2.17 NdbIndexOperation

Public methods of the NdbIndexOperation class.

For more information about the use of NdbIndexOperation, see Section, “Single-row operations”.

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