3.5 MGM API Errors

This section provides information about each of the six types MGM errors, with the listings that follow ordered by type.

Request Errors

These are errors generated by failures to connect to a management server.

Table 3.8 Request errors generated by management server connection failures.

Value Description
NDB_MGM_ILLEGAL_CONNECT_STRING Invalid connection string
NDB_MGM_ILLEGAL_SERVER_HANDLE Invalid management server handle
NDB_MGM_ILLEGAL_SERVER_REPLY Invalid response from management server
NDB_MGM_ILLEGAL_NUMBER_OF_NODES Invalid number of nodes
NDB_MGM_OUT_OF_MEMORY Memory allocation error
NDB_MGM_SERVER_NOT_CONNECTED Management server not connected
NDB_MGM_COULD_NOT_CONNECT_TO_SOCKET Not able to connect to socket
NDB_MGM_BIND_ADDRESS Unable to bind local address...

Node ID Allocation Errors

These errors result from a failure to assign a node ID to a cluster node.

Table 3.9 Node ID allocation errors resulting from failure to assign a node ID

Value Description
NDB_MGM_ALLOCID_ERROR Generic error; may be possible to retry and recover
NDB_MGM_ALLOCID_CONFIG_MISMATCH Non-recoverable generic error
NDB_MGM_ALLOCID_CONFIG_RETRY Mgmd failed to match hostname, but AllowUnresolvedHostnames=true. Connecting node should retry. (See AllowUnresolvedHostnames.)

Service Errors

These errors result from the failure of a node or cluster to start, shut down, or restart.

Table 3.10 Service errors resulting from failure of a node or cluster to start, shut down, or restart

Value Description
NDB_MGM_START_FAILED Startup failure
NDB_MGM_STOP_FAILED Shutdown failure

Backup Errors

These are errors which result from problems with initiating or aborting backups.

Table 3.11 Backup errors resulting from problems initiating or aborting backups.

Value Description
NDB_MGM_COULD_NOT_START_BACKUP Unable to initiate backup
NDB_MGM_COULD_NOT_ABORT_BACKUP Unable to abort backup

Single User Mode Errors

These errors result from failures to enter or exit single user mode.

Table 3.12 Single user mode errors resulting from failure to enter or exit single user mode.

Value Description
NDB_MGM_COULD_NOT_ENTER_SINGLE_USER_MODE Unable to enter single-user mode
NDB_MGM_COULD_NOT_EXIT_SINGLE_USER_MODE Unable to exit single-user mode

Configuration Errors

These errors result when the management server is unable to obtain configuration data, or is unable to perform a configuration change.

Table 3.13 Configuration errors resulting from failure to get or change configuration.

Value Description
NDB_MGM_CONFIG_CHANGE_FAILED Failed to complete configuration change
NDB_MGM_GET_CONFIG_FAILED Failed to get configuration

General Usage Errors

This is a general error type for errors which are otherwise not classifiable. There is one general usage error.

Table 3.14 General usage errors, otherwise not classified.

Value Description
NDB_MGM_USAGE_ERROR General usage error