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2.4.2 NDB Error Codes: by Type

This section contains a number of tables, one for each type of NDB API error. The error types include those in the following list:

  • No error

  • Application error

  • Scan application error

  • Configuration or application error (currently unused)

  • No data found

  • Constraint violation

  • Schema error

  • User defined error

  • Insufficient space

  • Temporary Resource error

  • Node Recovery error

  • Overload error

  • Timeout expired

  • Node shutdown

  • Internal temporary

  • Unknown result error

  • Unknown error code (currently unused)

  • Internal error

  • Function not implemented

The information in each table includes, for each error:

Similar errors have been grouped together in each table.

You can always obtain the latest error codes and information from the file storage/ndb/src/ndbapi/ndberror.cpp. (In previous releases of NDB Cluster, this file was named ndberror.c.)

These types are also shown in the error_status column of the ndbinfo.error_messages table.

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