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2.3.29 The NdbScanOperation Class


This section describes the NdbScanOperation class and its class members.

Parent class.  NdbOperation

Child classes.  NdbIndexScanOperation

Description.  The NdbScanOperation class represents a scanning operation used in a transaction. This class inherits from NdbOperation.

Methods.  The following table lists the public methods of this class and the purpose or use of each method:

Table 2.58 NdbScanOperation class methods and descriptions

Name Description
close() Closes the scan
deleteCurrentTuple() Deletes the current tuple
lockCurrentTuple() Locks the current tuple
nextResult() Gets the next tuple
getNdbTransaction() Gets the NdbTransaction object for this scan
getPruned() Used to find out whether this scan is pruned to a single partition
readTuples() Reads tuples
restart() Restarts the scan
updateCurrentTuple() Updates the current tuple


This class has no public constructor. To create an instance of NdbScanOperation, it is necessary to use the NdbTransaction::getNdbScanOperation() method.

Types.  This class defines a single public type ScanFlag.

For more information about the use of NdbScanOperation, see Section, “Scan Operations”, and Section, “Using Scans to Update or Delete Rows”.

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