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2.4.4 NDB Error Classifications

The following table lists the classification codes used for NDB API errors, and their descriptions. These can also be found in the file /storage/ndb/src/ndbapi/ndberror.cpp (NDB 7.6 and earlier: ndberror.c).

Table 2.83  Classification codes for NDB API errors, with corresponding error status and description.

Classification Code Error Status Description
NE Success No error
AE Permanent error Application error
CE Permanent error Configuration or application error
ND Permanent error No data found
CV Permanent error Constraint violation
SE Permanent error Schema error
OE Permanent error Schema object already exists
UD Permanent error User defined error
IS Permanent error Insufficient space
TR Temporary error Temporary Resource error
NR Temporary error Node Recovery error
OL Temporary error Overload error
TO Temporary error Timeout expired
NS Temporary error Node shutdown
IT Temporary error Internal temporary
UR Unknown result Unknown result error
UE Unknown result Unknown error code
IE Permanent error Internal error
NI Permanent error Function not implemented
DMEC Default MySQL error code Used for NDB errors that are not otherwise mapped to MySQL error codes

In NDB 7.6 and later, you can also obtain the descriptions for the classification codes from the error_classification column of the ndbinfo.error_messages table.