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5.1 MySQL NoSQL Connector for JavaScript Overview

This connector differs in a number of key respects from most other MySQL Connectors and APIs. The interface is asynchronous, following the built-in Node.js event model. In addition, it employs a domain object model for data storage. Applications retrieve data in the form of fully-instantiated objects, rather than as rows and columns.

The MySQL Node.js adapter includes 2 drivers. The ndb driver accesses the NDB storage engine directly, using the NDB API (see Chapter 2, The NDB API). No MySQL Server is required for the ndb driver. The mysql driver uses a MySQL Server for its data source, and depends on the node-mysql Node.js module from Regardless of the driver in use, no SQL statements are required; when using the Connector for JavaScript, Node.js applications employ data objects for all requests made to the database.