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2.4 NDB API Errors and Error Handling


This section contains a discussion of error handling in NDB API applications as well as listing listings of the most common NDB error codes and messages, along with their classifications and likely causes for which they might be raised.

For information about the NdbError structure, which is used to convey error information to NDB API applications, see Section 2.3.15, “The NdbError Structure”.


It is strongly recommended that you not depend on specific error codes in your NDB API applications, as they are subject to change over time. Instead, you should use the NdbError::Status and error classification in your source code, or consult the output of perror --ndb error_code to obtain information about a specific error code.

If you find a situation in which you need to use a specific error code in your application, please file a bug report at so that we can update the corresponding status and classification.