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2.3.14 The List Class


This section covers the List class.

Parent class. Dictionary

Child classes. None

Description. The List class is a Dictionary subclass that is used for representing lists populated by the methods Dictionary::listObjects(), Dictionary::listIndexes(), and Dictionary::listEvents().

Class Methods. This class has only two methods, a constructor and a destructor. Neither method takes any arguments.

Constructor. Calling the List constructor creates a new List whose count and elements attributes are both set equal to 0.

Destructor. The destructor ~List() is simply defined in such a way as to remove all elements and their properties. You can find its definition in the file /storage/ndb/include/ndbapi/NdbDictionary.hpp.

Attributes. A List has the following two attributes:

Types. The List class also defines an Element structure.


For a graphical representation of this class and its parent-child relationships, see Section 2.3.4, “The Dictionary Class”.

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