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2.3.4 The Element Structure

This section provides information about the Element structure.

Parent class



The Element structure models an element of a list; it is used to store an object in a List populated by the Dictionary methods listObjects(), listIndexes(), and listEvents().


An Element has the attributes shown in the following table:

Table 2.12 Name, type, initial value, and description of Element structure attributes

Attribute Type Initial Value Description
id unsigned int 0 The object's ID
type Object::Type Object::TypeUndefined The object's type—see Object::Type for possible values
state Object::State Object::StateUndefined The object's state—see Object::State for possible values
store Object::Store Object::StoreUndefined How the object is stored—see Object::Store for possible values
database char* 0 The database in which the object is found
schema char* 0 The schema in which the object is found
name char* 0 The object's name