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MySQL 8.4 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Privilege Checks For Group Replication Channels Privilege Checks For Group Replication Channels

You can also use a PRIVILEGE_CHECKS_USER account to secure the two replication applier threads used by Group Replication. The group_replication_applier thread on each group member is used for applying group transactions, and the group_replication_recovery thread on each group member is used for state transfer from the binary log as part of distributed recovery when the member joins or rejoins the group.

To secure one of these threads, stop Group Replication, then issue the CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE TO statement with the PRIVILEGE_CHECKS_USER option, specifying group_replication_applier or group_replication_recovery as the channel name. For example:

          FOR CHANNEL 'group_replication_recovery';

For Group Replication channels, the REQUIRE_ROW_FORMAT setting is automatically enabled when the channel is created, and cannot be disabled, so you do not need to specify this.

Group Replication requires every table that is to be replicated by the group to have a defined primary key, or primary key equivalent where the equivalent is a non-null unique key. Rather than using the checks carried out by the sql_require_primary_key system variable, Group Replication has its own built-in set of checks for primary keys or primary key equivalents. You may set the REQUIRE_TABLE_PRIMARY_KEY_CHECK option of the CHANGE REPLICATION SOURCE TO statement to ON for a Group Replication channel. However, be aware that you might find some transactions that are permitted under Group Replication's built-in checks are not permitted under the checks carried out when you set sql_require_primary_key = ON or REQUIRE_TABLE_PRIMARY_KEY_CHECK = ON. For this reason, new and upgraded Group Replication channels have REQUIRE_TABLE_PRIMARY_KEY_CHECK set to the default value STREAM, rather than ON.

If a remote cloning operation is used for distributed recovery in Group Replication (see Section, “Cloning for Distributed Recovery”), the PRIVILEGE_CHECKS_USER account and related settings from the donor are cloned to the joining member. If the joining member is set to start Group Replication on boot, it automatically uses the account for privilege checks on the appropriate replication channels.