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8.5.1 Data-Masking Components Versus the Data-Masking Plugin

Prior to 8.0.33, MySQL enabled masking and de-identification capabilities using a server-side plugin, but transitioned to use the component infrastructure in MySQL 8.0.33. The following table briefly compares MySQL Enterprise Data Masking and De-Identification components and the plugin library to provide an overview of their differences. It may assist you in making the transition from the plugin to components.


Only the data-masking components or the plugin should be enabled at a time. Enabling both components and the plugin is unsupported and results may not be as anticipated.

Table 8.45 Comparison Between Data-Masking Components and Plugin Elements

Category Components Plugin
Interface Service functions, loadable functions Loadable functions
Support for multibyte character sets Yes, for general-purpose masking functions No
General-purpose masking functions mask_inner(), mask_outer() mask_inner(), mask_outer()
Masking of specific types PAN, SSN, IBAN, UUID, Canada SIN, UK NIN PAN, SSN
Random generation, specific types email, US phone, PAN, SSN, IBAN, UUID, Canada SIN, UK NIN email, US phone, PAN, SSN
Random generation of integer from given range Yes Yes
Persisting substitution dictionaries Database File
Privilege to manage dictionaries Dedicated privilege FILE
Automated loadable-function registration/deregistration during installation/uninstallation Yes No
Enhancements to existing functions More arguments added to the gen_rnd_email() function N/A